About Us & Social Media

Who we are:

Hello and welcome! Our names are Jasper Graydon, Jordan Grimm, and Ali and we are 3 friends who live in Columbus, Ohio. We love all things local, gay, spooky, and pop culture related. Stop by and say hi on our social medias or on the contact form down below!

I’m Ali (she/her), the resident ditzy cohost who loves arguing, weird history, true crime, drinking way too much black tea, and all things spooky. I run our Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook so come say hi!
I’m Jordan (he/them) a fun-employed 30 year old Columbus Ohio resident.I have a passion for TV, pop culture, and fashion. You can find me @AGrimmLook on TikTok for beauty advice and a fun mythology series.
I’m Jasper (they/them), the angry lesbian poet your boyfriend has nightmares about. Chat me up on Twitter about JJ Cohen’s Seven Monster Theses or speris’ epic endverse fic Down To Agincourt!